• Exercise: Learning to Love It Part One
    Truth be told, I’ve been exercising seriously since the age of 13, or 42 years! During that time, I’ve probably never taken off for more than a month or two. That’s not meant to brag, but to make an essential point. It’s because exercise is something that I’ve learned to love! Whether running, biking, racquetball, … Read more
  • The Positivity of Wellness
    Wellness, by its very nature, is an extensive-term.  It’s not uncommon for many people to think of wellness only in the context of how we look or feel.  That’s unfortunate since it is much more about a holistic (whole body and mind) approach to being your best. In an earlier post, the “four steps to … Read more
  • Listen Even When You’d Rather Not!
    We were on our last day at OBX North Carolina getting some beautiful pictures of the sunset (see above). My son and his two friends had joined the fun for a few parting pics. When we were done, a gentleman, who was with his wife on the pier asked if they were all my kids. … Read more
  • Challenge of Change
    About 25 years ago I lost my father to cancer.  While he’d been sick for a while, losing a parent is something that nobody can truly understand unless they’ve gone through a similar loss.  Before he passed away, my wife and I took him down to Atlantic City, one of his favorite places.  We went … Read more
  • Start with a Conversation!
    My family was getting ready to go on our yearly vacation to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, one of our most favorite places. If you’ve never been there, I’d highly recommend it! Prior to the trip it was necessary to mow the lawn as to avoid knee high grass upon our return. As I … Read more
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