Be Up for the Challenge

It’s the middle/end of July, and many schools are starting to release their plans for the re-opening of schools. To say this is stressful would be to significantly underestimate the huge burden Covid-19 has placed on millions of people. Personally, I realize that no matter how we return to school, it won’t be perfect. ItContinue reading “Be Up for the Challenge”

Exercise: Learning to Love It Part One

Truth be told, I’ve been exercising seriously since the age of 13, or 42 years! During that time, I’ve probably never taken off for more than a month or two. That’s not meant to brag, but to make an essential point. It’s because exercise is something that I’ve learned to love! Whether running, biking, racquetball,Continue reading “Exercise: Learning to Love It Part One”

The Positivity of Wellness

Wellness, by its very nature, is an extensive-term.  It’s not uncommon for many people to think of wellness only in the context of how we look or feel.  That’s unfortunate since it is much more about a holistic (whole body and mind) approach to being your best. In an earlier post, the “four steps toContinue reading “The Positivity of Wellness”