A Quick Break

A few keys to taking a Quick Break

I just learned that my daughter will not be returning to college for the rest of the Spring Semester. My son is off from school for at least another 10 days. I’m guessing it will be much longer. My wife is wiping doors, cleaning floors, and doing all things Coronavirus related. I can’t help but to be drained from all this change. Writing “A Quick Break” will hopefully help you, like it has helped me.

Our lives have changed! There isn’t any reason to sugar coat things. But we also have opportunities to do things we might not ordinarily think about. Yes, that’s the glass half-full approach. For me, and I’m hoping you, that’s most definitely needed. So here are three “Quick Breaks” that have helped me to deal with our current state of stress.

  • I’ve spent time with my son playing board games. Sure, he constantly complains that I’m cheating. Sure, he keeps reading the rules, over and over to make sure we play right. But it’s these times that I’ll always cherish. You need to find these times as well. Whether it’s developing a hobby, reading a book, writing a story, playing with your kids, or even (I dare say) going for a walk ALONE! Take advantage of these moments!
  • I started working on my CMSDREAMBIG website over a year ago. For whatever reason, it got stuck in the abyss. Now that some time has become available, I’ve had a chance to get that really going. I hope you like it. Take these opportunities to either get back to something you started, begin something you dreamed of, or reflect on something that’s impacted you or others in a positive way.
  • The hectic pace of working, and in my case teaching isn’t something to take lightly. No matter your job/role, it’s impossible to not get caught up with all that’s going on in our place of work, schools and classrooms. Whatever job you may have, I hope you love, or at least like it . For those of you who are in education, I hope you love being in education, I definitely do! But, having a little time off has helped me to truly realize how blessed we are. Also, and just as important, is how much we really mean for the rest of the world. Use some of your time to breathe. Use some of your time to reflect on the difference you make. Use some of your time to tell your students, co-workers and families that you care. They will appreciate that more than you know.

I appreciate all that you do each day. You make a difference. Please remember that a little, quick break can be a true life saver. Be safe, use precautions, tell others you care, and create those times that you’ll remember forever.





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